What are Blossem Foundation Challenges?

Our challenges are advertising campaigns to raise awareness for social and health-related causes. Predominantly run on social media, our challenges are easy to participate in and share with friends and family! Read on to learn why each minute matters!

​Most of us may remember participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014. Whether you were one of 17 million people who posted a video dumping cold water over your head, or one of 440 million who watched, it was one of the largest social media phenomenon to date.

Over a six week span, ALS Association raised $115 million in donations to support medical research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Having achieved 10 billion views, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has turned into an annual event.

What if it were just as easy to raise awareness and funds for over 200 causes? This is what Blossem Foundation strives to accomplish.

Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, our challenges involve watching and sharing videos online. However, instead of participants posting their own videos, we will be posting ALL videos on the official Blossem Foundation YouTube channel.

Each of our videos spotlight an important social or health-related disease or disorder, and are presented by college students across the nation, and featuring emerging artists' work in the background.

There are multiple ways that you can support our challenges...

Engage with the Blossem Foundation YouTube channel!

First and foremost, you can engage with our YouTube channel.

What is Blossem Foundation's goal for YouTube engagement?

Ideally, we strive to reproduce results similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. However, instead of 10 billion views, we challenge participants to responsibly, genuinely engage with advertisements on our videos as end-users.

What is responsible, genuine, end-user advertisement engagement?

While it is one of the primary ways we generate revenue, it is one of the most important parts of our challenges.

Put simply, responsible, genuine, end-user advertisement engagement is clicking or watching ads on our YouTube videos!

This means, NO ADVERTISEMENT BLOCKING or PRIVACY APPLICATIONS OR EXTENSIONS, and solely engaging with advertisements—whether it be clicking on the advertisement or watching more than 30 seconds of advertisement content—out of personal interest and not for any other reason. 

Please realize that if there is an advertisement that sparks your personal interest AT ALL, that by engaging with that ad—whether it be clicking on the ad or watching more than 30 seconds of its content—you are helping us generate funds through advertisement revenue to be dedicated to the very causes that our videos are about!

We fully support YouTube Terms of Service and Policies—read them!
How much of the revenue generated through our YouTube channel is donated?

Revenue generated through our YouTube channel will be distributed just as any other revenue.

All donations—and, revenue—are proportionally distributed.
» 90-98.3% donated to supported 501(c) organizations (i.e. non-profits);
» Up to 10% as Respect to emerging artists, entrepreneurs, and like organizations; and
» Remaining funds dedicated toward Foundation-sponsored events.

Every minute counts!! We appreciate your support!!

Should I buy Blossem Foundation merchandise or donate?

Although we do accept donations, we also sell merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and stickers to help raise awareness and funds to support our causes—all of our revenue is proportionally distributed to 501(c) organizations (i.e. nonprofits), so why not purchase our products to support our causes!

All donations and purchases are greatly appreciated, but please also learn about how you can engage with our YouTube channel! Read about "responsible, genuine end-user advertisement engagement" to learn how you can help convert some of your extra minutes into compensation to be dedicated to our causes! 

How valuable is my individual engagement on the YouTube Channel?

Considering a responsible, genuine end-user advertisement engagement rate of 1%, if Blossem Foundation received as much attention as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during the BLOSSEMeso Challenge, then we would bring in approximately $5.78 billion.

Why not join the BLOSSEM Challenges and make this a reality! That could be $5.2 billion to relative 501(c) organizations and $580 million in Respect back to engaged artists, organizations, and individuals just like you! Blossem Foundation could potentially offer an abundance of artistic, entrepreneurial, and charitable support!

Also, be sure to use our #Hashtags when sharing our videos and opportunities!! #BLOSSEM #BLOSSEMeso #Pledge5 #54321Love 

Learn about responsible, genuine end-user advertisement engagement NOW before visiting our YouTube channel!​


​BLOSSEMeso Challenge
(September 1 - September 26)
All cause-related videos through this time will be dedicated to raising public awareness for Mesothelioma.
Our goal is to provide a general education of Mesothelioma, including its signs and symptoms, methods of treatment, and other relative facts.
All of our revenue generated up through September 26, 2017 (Mesothelioma Awareness Day) will be supplied to relative 501(c) organizations that support mesothelioma, its patients, and cure, accordingly.
​BLOSSEM Challenge
(October 1 - December 10)
Join us in our annual, year-end BLOSSEM Challenge!
Support over 200+ other social and health-related causes!
Campaign supports:
- Common mental disorders
- Dissociate disorders
- Sleep and wake disorders
- Developmental disorders
- Personality disorders
- Health disorders and diseases 
ALSO appreciate a plethora of artistic talent!
Become recognized for Respect that could help BLOSSEM your career!