Our Story


The meaning behind our slogan is a simple one. We believe in people, and we want to believe that by providing a way for people to help others easily, major strides in research for illnesses and jumpstarting artistic careers could become an everyday occurrence.

Keeping that in mind, what is one of the most successful ways that people learn about important causes? Advertising.

Whether these advertisements are on television, or featured right before YouTube videos, important causes have the chance to be recognized.

If Blossem Foundation could receive recognition just by asking people to transfer time from other similar promotional, profitable activities to our efforts, then we will be able to offer an abundance of artistic, entrepreneurial, and charitable support!

We want to prove that caring for others enough can bring about significant, positive change and serve the public in ways that other methods may not.

All of our cause-related videos run for one minute each, so every minute counts!

Meet the Founders

Cas Kowalewski, CEO & Founder

B.S. Health Science, Health Studies – James Madison University (2015)
National Academy of Sports Medicine – Personal Trainer certification (2015)
Project Management Institute – 3Back – ScrumMaster certification (2016)
Interests: Fitness, film & music production, philosophical discussion, traveling, music festivals and concerts, and relaxing at home, and binge-watching his favorite shows

Alice Silva, Co-founder

B.A. Psychology – Rollins College (2016)
Pursuing Master’s in Neuropsychology
Bilingual – Fluent in English and Spanish
Interests: Traveling, human rights, mental health, environmental conservation & animal protection, arts & storytelling, and puppies, and wine