Definition of Respect

Similar to 501(c) organizations, Blossem Foundation is much about GIVING! The Foundation intends to provide valuable support ("Respect") in variable, individual-specific combinations to the artists and participants in the form of financial contributions, networking opportunities, and professional consulting; however, the Foundation's intention to provide said Respect does not represent any guarantee, timeline, or means by which it should be expected.

All forms of Respect, as expressly described above, provided by the Foundation to the respective individuals are legally representative of personal gifts by the representative Founder or the entire Foundation's Board ("the Board"), and are not to be construed in any way as a grant, fellowship, internship, prize, award, scholarship, sponsorship, or investment, nor wholly, or in part, as any consideration, reward, contest, sweepstakes, lottery, or business-related payment.

‚ÄčAll nominations to receive Respect are personally established by one or more members of the Board, and may or may not involve or incorporate any professional organizing, evaluating, interpreting, or comparing of any [combination of] skills or efforts provided by the participants; thus, nominations of Respect are not considered by any effect or to have any relative connection to any participant's parting with cash or something of marketable value, or even anything necessarily considered to be to the benefit of the Foundation.

Although the Board offers multiple ways for participants to share their artistic talent and to express their business plans and needs through the Foundation's platform, such as via YouTube comment and email submission, the potential [marketable] value of any nomination for Respect is variable and ultimately determined by means unrelated to any activities of the Foundation.